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Leveling Rods & StaffsAluminum UVLED Staff(AUS)AUS4-4B seriesNEW

Model: AUS4-4B series
1.Specifications: 4 meter, 4 sections
2.Graduation: Please check “Graduation Chart”
3.Accuracy: Full-length: ±3mm; per Meter: ±1mm
4.Packing Info:
1) N.W./PC: 1.42kg
2) Qty./CTN: 10pcs
3) G.W./CTN: 17kg
4) Dimensions/CTN: 0.045cbm(1.26m
×0.225m ×0.16m)
5. Notes:
1) Cross-section of the Bottom Section: 48.8mm
2) All AUS Staffs are printed in UALED ink: environmentally friendly, wear-resistant and robust;
3) Installed Stainless Steel Base Plate and coming with water-proof Carrying Bag and Circular Bubble;
4) In principle, any front-side graduation can match any back-side graduation. For example, should you be interested in AUS4-4B with Front Graduation F4 and Back Graduation B6, then the exact model would be AUS4-4B/F4-B6, and so on.



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