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Laser EquipmentSelf-Leveling Rotating LaserSP-50


Equipped with high-quality 3-axis electronic sensor

Quick self-leveling for horizontal and vertical working

2 Options for Auto and Manual mode. Manual model can set up “Simple slope function”

When in vertical working condition, the laser beam can move forward and/or backward

Variable rotating speed

Spotting, plumbing and scanning functions are available in vertical working condition

With self-checking and self-calibration function

High accuracy and low accuracy are selectable to meet different purposes

With laser plummet, remote control (RL-50), laser detector (LS-6)



SP-50 (w. red Laser Beam)

Self-Leveling Range


Slope (X Axis)


Horizontal Accuracy


Vertical Accuracy (Zenith)


Working Radius

 Approx. 200m with Detector LS-6

Remove Control Distance

Max. 30m with Infrared

Rotating Speed

0/5/300/600rpm, variable-speed

Scanning Mode

10° /30°/60°, optional

Circular Bubble


Laser Source

Laser diode, 635nm, Class, <1mw

Power Supply

DC: 6V: Rechargeable or Alkaline

Continuous Operating Time

For Rechargeable Batteries (Ni-H: 5×1.2v): approx.10 Hrs
For Alkaline Batteries (D: 4×1.5v): approx. 40 Hrs

Operating Temperature


Waterproof and Dust-proof


Standard Accessories

Alkaline Batteries and its Housing,  Laser Detector LS-6

and its Clamp, Rechargeable Battery Pack and Adaptor (Charger), Magnetic Target, Remote Control RL-50, Wall Bracket (WB-5A), Plastic Carrying Case

Recommended Tripod

Please refer to “Lasers”: Laser Tripod

Shipping Carton Details

1pc per Carton; 7.0kgs per Carton

Dimensions per Carton: 0.06CBM (50cm×30cm×40cm)

Note: The specifications may be subject to change without prior notice

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