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Drafting & Mapping EquipmentDrafting Machine (SBT)SBT-7103

Model: SBT-7103

SBT-7103 (with Geomaster® or BOFA® as trademark) is an elbow-style Drafting Machine, light-weighted, compact-sized,user-friendly and highly efficient!

SBT-7103 consisits of Drafting Head Assembly DH-7103,Drafting Board DB-7103 and Drafting Stand Assembly DS-7103. For more detalis, please read carefully "User Manual" coming with this unit!



  Drafting Head Assembly: DH-7103



Drafting Head

Resolution Power(minimum reading): 10'


Quqlity and transparent Scales in metric system
Horizontal Scale: 30cm; 1:1, 1:2;Vertical Scale: 20cm;1:1, 1:2

Packing Details

1. Qty per Carton: 1pc

2. G.W. per Carton:9kg

3. Size per Carton: 0.045cbm (75cm × 27cm × 22cm)


  Drafting Board: DB-7103



Size (A1)

Magnetic Board: made of quality Lauan, not warp or splinter;Size: 90cm×60cm×3cm

Paper Clamp

Stainless Steel Strips (0.1mm thick, 30mm wide): 500mm, 2pcs; 300mm:2pcs

Packing Details

1. Qty per Carton: 1pc 

2. G.W. per Carton: 14kg

3. Size per Carton: 0.02cbm (93cm × 62cm × 3.5cm)


  Drafting Stand: DS-7103



Tilting Range


Working  Height

850mm ~ 870mm

Stationery Trough

600mm (L) ×70mm(W), holding Drawing Tools

Packing Details

1. Qty per Carton: 1pc

2. G.W. per Carton: 25kg 

3. Size per Carton: 0.73cbm (89cm × 78cm × 10.5cm)

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