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Distance Measuring EquipmentDigital PedometerPS-1


Features and Functions

1. Ideal for outdoor activities such as rough distance measuring, surveying, walking,traveling...

2. Installed with new advanced 3D acceleration sensor: all-round angle, no mechanical: more accurate,more reliable and easier to carry (in pockets, in purses or in hand)

3. Clock Function: 12H/24H; PS-1: Hr/Min; PS-5A:Y/M/D/Hr/Min/Sec

4. Timing Funtion: Display Range:PS-1: 0-99999 minutes;PS-5A: 0-999999 minutes

5. Automatically calculate and display the walking distance and the consumed calorie as per the following settings:

5.1 Stride Setting Range: 10-120cm

5.2 Steps Display Range: PS-1: 0-99999 steps;PS-5A: 0-999999 steps Minimum valid Steps: up to 10 consecutive steps

5.3 Distance Display Range: in Metric System (0-999.99km) or Imperial System (0-999.99mile)

5.4 Body Weight Setting Range: 10-150kg

5.5 Calorie Display Range: 0-9999.99kal

5.6 Average Speed: PS-5A: 0-999.99km/h or 0-999.99 mile/h

5.7 Exercise: PS-5A: 0-999 ex

6.  Easy-to-read Large LCD: PS-1: 32mm×19mm; PS-5A: Back-light; 33mm×21.5mm

7.  Long-lasting Battery and Low-battery Indicating Function: CR2032,DC 3v,1pc

8.  Large Memory Funtion: 7 days for PS-1;15 days for PS-5A


Packaging Info:




71mm × 36mm ×11.2mm

Net Weight:


Per Shipping Carton

Qty:400pcs; G.W.:22kg; Size:0.07cbm(56cm × 41.5cm × 30cm)

Note: The above specifications would be subject to change without prior notice!

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