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Distance Measuring EquipmentLaser Distance Meter:40m,60m,80m,100m,150m,200mMDL-100U



1.Multiple Measuring Functions
í˝Distance measurement (up to 100m); í˝Area measurement; í˝Volume measurement
í˝Pythagorean 1; í˝Pythagorean 2; í˝Triangle Area measurement; í˝Angle measurement
í˝Single measurement; í˝Continuous measurement (Min/Max measurement)
í˝Addition/Subtraction; í˝Stake-out measurement; í˝Offset-value setting
í˝Auto horizontal (Level) measurement; í˝Auto vertical (Height) measurement


2.Data Processing and Communication(Bluetooth)

Editable, down-loading by USB Cable

3.Screw Hole 1/4" and

Equipped with 1/4" Screw Hole to be connected with tripod (light-duty or medium-duty) to meet different measuring height and End Piece

4.Robust and all-weather
Water-proof, dust-proof, shock-resistant, pressure-resistant

5.Extra Functions
Clock,Timer, Buzzer(Beep),Thermometer, e-Level(Bubble), Battery Level Indicator...

Technical Data

1.Distance Measurement
í˝Range (in door): 0.1-100m; í˝Accuracy (in door): ±1.5mm; í˝Minimum Reading: 1mm
í˝Measuring Units: Metric System (meter) and Imperial System (inch and/or feet)

2.Tilting (Angle) Measurement(e-Level or Bubble)
í˝Range: ±45°; í˝Accuracy: ±0.3°; í˝Measuring Unit:°/slope

3.Data Display
2" illuminated (back-light) colored HD LCD; Display Capacity: 4 Lines

4.Historical Data Memory
up to 1000 Points,w.Graphics/Time Info with USB Outlet

5.Laser Source
Laser Diode,Class II, 635nm, <1mw; Laser auto-off: after 30secs

6.Power Supply
í˝Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (RLB-100); í˝Battery Life: 15000 charging times

í˝Input Voltage: 110-240v, 50/60 Hz,130mA; í˝Output Voltage: 3.7-5.0V, 1000-1200mA
í˝Charging Capacity: up to 4000 Measurements; í˝Auto Power-off: after 180secs

7.Water-proof and Dust-proof
IP65 (for rugged construction sites)

8.Ambient Temperature
Operating Temperature: úş0°C ~úź40°C; Storage Temperature: úş10°C ~úź60°C

9.Standard Outfit
Main Unit, Rechargeable Li-ion Battery, Universal Charger, Data-transmission/Power Supply Cable, EVA Holster, English-version User Manual

10.Packing Details
Single Unit
Dimensions: 125mm×53mm×32mm; N.W.: 156-160g (w.Battery)

Per Shipping Carton: Qty: 20pcs; G.W.: 9kg; Size: 0.039cbm (42cm×26cm×36cm)

To improve quality and performances, the above specifications would be subject to change without prior notice.


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