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Laser EquipmentManual-Leveling Laser PlumbPLM16-402

Standard Deviation of one round-trip
Plumbing Measurement:

Coaxial Error between
Collimation Axis and Vertical Axis:

Coaxial Error between
Optical Axis and Collimation Axis:

Effective Plumbing-up Range
150m; Nighttime: 500m

Laser Spot Size (Diameter)
≤4mm at 40m; ≤5mm at 100m

Horizontal Laser Dot
Accuracy: 1mm/10m

Telescope System
Magnification: 24
Objective Aperture: 36mm
Field of View:
Min.Focusing Range: 2m

Laser Plummet
Min. Focusing Range: 0.5m

Laser Source
Semi-conductor Diode,635nm, Class

Plate Bubble (Fluorescent)
Accuracy: 20"/2mm

Outer Circle
0-360º; Min. Deg.: 1º

Power Supply
Battery: AA
×2; DC 3v

Working Temperature

Dimensions and N.W.
N.W.: 2.7kg

Packing Details per Shipping Carton
Qty: 1pc; G.W.: 5.5kg
Carton Size: 0.034cbm(42cm×24cm×34cm)

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