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Laser EquipmentLand-Leveling Laser SystemMCS16-20

This newly designed Machine Control System MCS16-20 consists of real-time Control Box (cab-in Display) RC105, machine-mounted Laser Receiver (cab-out Detector) RL105 and other related accessories such as Power Cable, Data-transmission Cable, etc.

The whole System would work with our present best-seller Self-leveling Rotating Laser Levels TRL154 or TRL124 or our forthcoming TRL Laser Levels to provide a highly efficient and precise land-leveling services.

1.Control Box (in-cab Display): RC015
(1) Receiving Accuracy: ±3mm
(2) Indicator: 5 receiving bands, triple-colored
   super-bright LED; synchronizing with Laser Receiver RL015
(3) Lifting Speed Adjustment: 20 Grades
(4) Power Supply: DC 12v
(5) Control Output: 12v/2A (Dual)
(6) Leveling Mode: Manual, Automatic or Dual
   Mode (Manual+Automatic)
(7) Leveling Display: Yes, by LED Tubes
(8) Dimensions: 80mm
´ 270mm ´ 150mm; N.W.: 1.78kg
2.Laser Receiver: RL015
(1) Receiving Range: 600-1200m (Diameter)
(2) Receiving Direction: 360º
(3) Receiving Amplitude: 270mm
(4) Receiving Accuracy: ±3mm
(5) Laser Indicator: 5 receiving bands, triple-colored
   super-bright LED (Orange, Green and Red)
(6) Fixing Mode: Clamping style; Clamping Diameter Range:30-50mm
(7) Power Supply: DC 12v
(8) Waterproof: IP66
(9) Operating Temperature: (-)10
~ + 50
(10) Dimensions: 95mm(D)
´ 380mm (H); N.W.: 2kg
3.Cables (for Data Transmission and Power Supply)

(1) Cable CLAC11-310 (from Control Box to Receiver): Length: 10m;
(2) Cable CLAC11-303 (from Control Box to Electromagnetic Valve): Length: 10m
(3) Cable CLAC11-302 (from Control Box to Power Supply):Length: 5m

4.Packing Details per Shipping Carton
Qty: 1pc; G.W.: 10kg; Size: 0.098cbm (55cm



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