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Prism Reflection SystemsMonitoring Prism System(MPS)MPS18-108 SeriesNEW

MPS18-108 Series
1 Retro-reflective Sheet(RS): Diameter: 60mm
MPS18-108A/GY,MPS18-108A/YW: RS:A series; Color:GY,YW
MPS18-108B/GY,MPS18-108B/YW: RS:B series; Color:GY,YW
MPS18-108C/GY,MPS18-108C/YW: RS:C series; Color:GY,YW
MPS18-108D/GY,MPS18-108D/YW: RS:D series; Color:GY,YW
MPS18-108E/GY,MPS18-108E/YW: RS:E series; Color:GY,YW
2 Holder:AK-108; Leica-style Adaptor: ADP-108
3 Measuring Range: up to 500m
4 N.W.:90g (the whole set)
5 Qty: 100 sets/Carton; G.W.: 12kg/Carton;Carton Size: 0.026cbm(42cm×26cm×24cm)
6 Note: Retro-reflective Sheet(RS) can be changed to meet your expectations. For more options, please refer to our "Retro-reflective Sheet(RS)".

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