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Prism Reflection SystemsMonitoring Prism System(MPS)MPS18-254 SeriesNEW

MPS18-254/3, MPS18-254/5
1 Spherical Prism: SFP-254: Diameter: 25.40mm; Effective Aperture: 23.00mm  
2 Prism Accuracy: MPS18-254/3: Q3"; MPS18-254/5: Q5"
3 Prism Offset: 17.50mm; copper-coated or silver-coated; non water-proof
4 Measuring Range: 1000-1200m
5 Prism Canister: made of Iron; N.W.: 226g,incl. Spherical Prism
6 Magnetic Mounting Base: MMB-610, made of Aluminum; N.W.: 178g
7 N.W.: 404g (Whole Set)
8 Spherical Prism: Qty: 30pcs/Carton; G.W.: 16kg/Carton; Mounting Base: Carton Size: 0.07cbm(46cm×43cm×36cm)

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