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Surveying & Measuring Tools Digital Spirit LevelGWP-LS9NEW

Digital Level Specifications

(1)  Body Material: Aluminum Profile

(2) Length: 600mm/24"

(3) Measuring Range: 4 × 90º (0-360º)

(4) Zero Drift: 0.05~0.001%

(5) 8-digital LCD Dimensions: 66.5mm × 19.5mm

(6) Display Resolution: 0.1º

(7) Display Unit: degrees or percentages

(8) Accuracy of Vials (Horizontal and Vertical): 0.057º=1mm/m

(9) Data Interface: Output Angle Value through RS-232 (optional)

(10) Automatic Zero-position detecting and audible warning


Laser Level Specifications

(1) Wave Length: 635nm or 650nm (optional)

(2) Output Power: 1mw (635mw), 5mw (650mw)

(3) Working Distance of Laser Crossline: 3-5m (subject to different circumstances)

(4) Accuracy of Laser Lines: ±3mm at 3m

(5) Working Distance of Laser Dot: 30-50m (subject to different circumstances)

(6) Accuracy of Laser Spot: ±5mm at 10m



(1) Power Supply: Alkaline Batteries AAA×2, 3v(1.5vx2)

(2) Consumption Currency: <50Ua

(3) Ambient Temperature: -5~+50

(4) Ambient Moisture:90%RH

(5) N.W.: 500g

(6) Protection: IP54

(7) Packing Details per Shipping Carton:

Qty: 12pcs; G.W.: 12kg; Size: 0.04cbm (69cm×32cm×19cm)

Note: To improve quality and performances,the Specifications would be subejct to change without prior notice!

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