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Geology & Forestry EquipmentPocket CompassDQL-7A

Model: DQL-7A

1.Sighting System:
Sight Bead

2.Outer Circle:
Range: 360º; Min. Graduation: 1º; Accuracy: ±1º

3.Inner Circle:
Range: 6040 mils; Min. Graduation: 20mils; Accuracy: ±10mils

Angle of Elevation and Depression: ±60º; Accuracy: ≤1.25º 

5.Mileage Proportion:

6.N.W. & G.W.:
N.W.: 128g; G.W.: 154g (w.Soft Leather Bag/Flannelette)

7.Unit Dimensions:

8.Ambient Temperature:
-20 ºC~+40 ºC

9.Packing Details per Shipping Carton:
Qty: 50pcs; G.W.:12kg; Size: 0.04cbm (45cm×35cm×25cm)

This pocket-size Compass is multi-purpose, mainly used for measuring Azimuth, Distance,
Slope, Height, Time and Speed in marching.

Please read carefully “User Manual” before using it!

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